splurge or save: loafer mules


These Gucci loafers were hands down my best purchase of 2017. I wanted them for a while, but since they are most definitely a splurge, I needed to make sure they weren’t a one season trend that would leave me regretting such a hefty purchase. After watching and patiently waiting for over a year (or maybe impatiently as it seemed they were everywhere), I was confident in my decision to buy them this past fall.

I never pictured myself actually getting so much use out of a loafer, but they are such a classic style which makes them super versatile and easy to wear, especially with being backless. Even though I bought them in the fall, I plan on wearing them pretty much year round and think they will work just as well with denim shorts as they do now with jeans. I’ve rounded up the best save and splurge styles below, so whether you’re ready to take the plunge or prefer a more wallet-friendly option there’s a pair for you! If you’re on the fence with this style, buy an inexpensive pair to try out and see how much you wear them – which I promise will be non-stop!



And with that, I’ll leave you with my personal stance on splurges, which is to spend money on items you love that you will actually use – because what’s the point of splurging on something that’s just going to sit in your closet? A pair of shoes or a handbag may look pretty sitting there, but if you aren’t actually using it because it isn’t practical or you’re worried you’ll damage it, why waste the money? I usually get to splurge on one really amazing pair of shoes per year and I make sure it’s a pair that I have wanted for a while, and that I see myself getting use out of for years to come (i.e. classic vs. trendy). I have shared before that I keep my closet on the minimal side, so I would rather buy one really nice pair of shoes than 10 inexpensive pairs. Everyone is different, but that’s my outlook!

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