If you follow me on Instagram, it’s fairly obvious that I love coffee. One of my favorite things to do is to sit down and enjoy a latte, especially outside (when the weather permits). While it’s a little harder to actually sit while I’m drinking coffee these days, I still enjoy hitting up my favorite spots with Olivia in tow. Coffee is basically mom fuel, right? Houston has so many great coffee shops that it’s hard to narrow them down into a short list, so I have included the top five that I frequent the most!

01 // Cavo Coffee
Cavo is relatively new, but it’s the closest coffee shop to my house so it’s now the one I go to most often. Their coffee is great and it has a modern, minimal interior with a decent amount of seating. I like that even when they’re busy it never feels super crowded, though that may change the longer they are open!

02 // Common Bond Café & Bakery
I tend to avoid Common Bond on the weekend (unless I can get there super early) because the line is usually ridiculously long. But on a weekday, even though it may be crowded, you typically don’t have to wait in much of a line. The tables are all pretty close together, so it’s not the easiest place to maneuver with a stroller, but the coffee and pastries are worth the struggle! The croissants and vanilla scone are my fave.

03 // Blacksmith
Blacksmith is a casual, industrial spot in Montrose that serves great coffee. They also have a really good biscuit with crème fraiche and marmalade – so yummy! It’s relatively small (not stroller friendly) but even when they’re really busy I’ve never had to wait more than a few minutes to grab a place to sit.

04 // Boomtown
Boomtown is a local coffee roaster (Common Bond, above, serves their coffee) with a shop in the Heights featuring several signature house lattes on the menu. There is almost always a line of some sort, but it moves quick! When the weather is nice, it’s fun to grab a drink to go and stroll the shops on 19th. Their sister location downtown, The Honeymoon, is also a great spot!

05 // Tiny Boxwoods & Tinys No. 5
While these aren’t technically coffee shops, both Tiny’s locations are equally great spots to sit outside and enjoy your cup of choice. Both have large patios and green space, and on a weekday morning there are usually some other moms with strollers and babes in tow so it feels more kid friendly than your standard coffee shop. Plus, their brunch menu is my favorite of all time!

I’d love to hear which coffee shops are your favorites!

Thanks for stopping by! xx